As women, we often stumble across several products and I want to share the ones that I love right now, where you can find them and offer a Love,Brown Girl discount when I can!

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Jade Roller

This product has been around for ages but a recently got my hands on it. After using this roller on my face and neck twice a day, I have noticed a clearer and firmer face. This tool is not meant to replace facial cleanser, toner, or serum - but should be used to enhance your facial routine. It can be bought online with the link below for only $16.

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First aid beauty - ultra repair cream

I tried this product as a tester in Sephora and fell in love with it. Its a great moisturizer for those of us who have dry patches and dry skin (especially in winter months). Not only have I been using this product on my face, but anywhere there is dry skin. Its been great to help heal dryness almost instantly. Definitely a product that I will continue to buy, especially only being $16.

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fresh soy face cleanser

This cleanser is perfect for even the most sensitive skin. It helps remove all make-up, help with breakouts, and is rich in amino acids (which is great for firming the skin). It comes in several sizes but here is a travel size which is great for testing out this produce. Great product that is under $12.