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It all started when…

Isolita and I had a converation at work about what we wanted to do next in life. We decided that creating a YouTube channel to discuss topics that were relevant to Brown Girls was important and something that was lacking. 

Our channel is about all things Brown Girls related. We dicuss hair, fashion, updates in hip-hop, relationships & everyday life. Please go to our channel to watch all videos - oh and please dont forget to subscribe! 

What is Your Irrational Fear? What is something that you are afraid of that you can't explain why? Or something that you are afraid of that is simply not rational? For some people, it can be fear of a random car crash, mustard, or someone living in your house?
Would You Date Your Ex? Although both of us are in relationships, we wanted to ask if you would date your ex? Obviously, you broke up for a reason, but would you give it a 2nd chance if timing was right? Or is it dead and not even a possibility?
Let's Argue: What's the Best Show With their being so many good shows out now, head our take on the ones we love and currently watch, our take on the show, & our thoughts on shows from the 90s.
This video was voted for on through our Instagram Poll. Since we are women on the move we wanted to show you a meal that is pretty easy to cook and not expensive. So get ready to cook with us! In this video, we cooked Shrimp Alfredo, roasted broccoli, and garlic bread.
Storytime | How We Met This is just a video sharing our story of how we met and how a misunderstanding of cheating almost caused a rift in our friendship. This is a juicy one! #StorytimeHowWeMet #fromtwobrowngirls SUBSCRIBE IF YOU'RE NEW!!! We upload every Sunday and Wednesday!
Storytime: Surviving Being Cheated On We're pretty sure everything can relate to this video, "Storytime: Surviving Being Cheated On". In this video, we're discussing crazy cheating stories, to how we reacted and how we survived being cheated on. If you have your own storytime surviving being cheated on, comment below so we can keep the convo going.
Red Table Talk: Let's Talk About Sex Review: Actress Jada Pinkett Smith has a new Facebook Watch series, "Red Table Talk," in which she speaks out frankly about sex and other topics with her daughter Willow and her mother. Have you had a chance to watch the latest episode of "Red Table Talk: Let's Talk About Sex?"
Rest in Power | The Trayvon Martin Story Review This is just a video with our thoughts on the new docu-series Rest in Power | The Trayvon Martin Story. In the video, we share our personal opinions on the event, the document-series, and if we plan to tune in for the next 5 episodes.
This video is about crazy celeb baby names. We understand that people have the right to name their child whatever they please, but some names are getting out of hand. From Stormi, Rocket Ayer, Tru, Heiress, Sir, dream, and Kulture. The list can go on and on.
A video to discuss what happened this week 5/28/18 (for the culture). In this video, we describe the 'hits' for the week like Kim K & also those that were 'misses' like Kanye West and Roseanne. We hope you guys enjoy this video!
Have you ever gotten a perm and the water ran out? Or spent $700 on a lacefront that you took out in less than 24 hours? If not, listen to our experiences and let us know what you think! We hope you guys enjoy this video!